Who we are & What we do

We are a hardware-focused AI startup specializing in the development of cutting-edge consumer electronics, particularly in the fields of edge computer vision and emerging technologies. Our innovative products and services are designed to address social challenges, creating positive social impacts that are yet to be fully realized

Why Join US

Challenging Project

There is an opportunity to leverage deep knowledge and multidisciplinary skills

Super Team

We have a team of top-notch professionals with extensive industrial experience gained from leading global tech companies

Innovation Culture

First principles, high focus, a series of ‘why?’ questions, teamwork, effective communication, and creativity

Social Impacts

Meaningful innovation aimed at creating social impact with a focus on user experience

Opening positions

Software Engineer (Device Software)

Software Engineer (Embedded Linux, Device Hardware)

Mobile Application Software Engineer (Flutter, iOS & Android)

Software Engineer (Computer Vision and Image Processing)

Mechanical Design Engineer

PCB Design and Embedded System Engineer

Software Engineer (Back-End)

Specialist Mobile Robotics Software Engineer

Tech Lead, Project Management